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National Holidays are a Great Marketing Tool for Small Business

National Clean Out Your Computer Day is coming up. Bet you never heard of that one, did you? There are national holidays, a national day or national month for everything. In fact, there are over a thousand national holidays, national weeks and national months. Add bank holidays and major religious holidays, and you have one crowded calendar! National days of observance have become trendy and popular in part because companies have learned to use them for marketing. Just look at social media. Judging from the hashtags for various food days, people days, pet days, medical condition days, military days or industry days — it seems like every single day is a national holiday or national day of observance on Twitter and Instagram. [Read More…] about National Holidays are a Great Marketing Tool for Small Business

People Love Promos – Fast Company Aside

I join the promotional products industry in my dismay over an article published by “Fast Company” magazine, which unfairly and inaccurately portrayed ad specialties as ”cheap conference swag” and went so far as to call for getting rid of promos altogether. Ironically, the writer started out by saying what all of us in the industry can agree upon: “I love a good tote bag, particularly if it’s from a brand I love. I have an NPR tote I got from a pledge drive. I confess that I canceled and re-subscribed to the New Yorker just so that I could get a new version of the tote that comes with membership.” [Read More…] about People Love Promos – Fast Company Aside